Inland Empire Brewers News

February Meeting

Welcome to the rainy season brewers!

I hope you've all stayed dry and safe since our last meeting. Our next gathering of malt masters and kettle keepers is scheduled for Friday, February 10th at 7pm and will be hosted by the new Bootleggers tasting room in Redlands. The address is 2351 W Lugonia Ave, Unit G Redlands, CA 92374. If you have a chance show up a bit early and show our hosts some love by ordering a pint or two!

Styles for this months meeting include M1 Traditional Meads (M1A, M1B, M1C), M2 Fruit Mead (M2A-M2E), M3 Spiced Mead (M3A & M3B), M4 Speciality Mead (A-C), C1 Standard Cider and Perry (A-E), C2 Speciality Cider and Perry (A-F). If you have a cider or mead you've been sitting on, this is the time to share it!

Pub Crawl: It's time to prepare for one of the best events of the year! We have locked down Saturday March 25th as our date for Pub Crawl! If you're interested in attending them you'd better hop on board early. The total package (including lunch, dinner, and 5 stops worth of beer) will come to $80 with $30 required upfront to hold your seat on one of the greatest trips a bus has ever taken. The final route will be posted soon, but you can anticipate stops at Stuffed Sandwich, Smog City, and Monkish along the way.

Membership It's a new year everyone, so it's time to renew your dues! As a reminder club membership is $20 per person and $10 for each additional household member. Benefits of membership can be found at but we all know the most important perk is getting to hang out with each other! Oh, and the beer. And the discounts.

Fest: The glory that is SoCal Homebrew Fest is fast approaching! May 5th and 6th is going to rock your beer loving socks off. Get on over to if you'd like to represent the Inland Empire Brewers by bringing some kickass beer and spending time with your fellow homebrew lovers. If you are one of the club members who is paying for a campsite, please bring $110 to the next meeting so we can get this festival locked down and ready to rock!

Social: Time for more events! This year the club will begin a series of brewery socials. These are a chance to hang out with your fellow members without the structure of a meeting or the need to bring out your homebrew. Every month IEB will choose a brewery and time to descend upon it. All are welcome to attend, but club members wearing their IEB shirts will have access to food and snacks provided by the club. So you can have delicious beer, represent your club, and get free slices of pizza? Sounds like a win!

Raffle: Would you like a chance to win a $50 giftcard to Morebeer? Then make sure to participate in the monthly raffle! Tickets can be purchased at each club meeting, but if you'd like to both help the club AND join the raffle without buying tickets, then you can enter by donating an item! So if you have any beer related items you'd like to donate, bring them down! Pint glasses, shirts, commercial bottles, books, and brew gear are all great to bring. Any member that brings in an item worth at least $5.00 to be raffled off will receive $5.00 worth of tickets for the raffle, giving them a chance to win our monthly $50.00 giftcard to Morebeer or some of the other swag available that day.. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out.

Can't wait to see you all at the next meeting. Don't forget to bring a chair, water, a snack to share, money for dues, and most importantly some homebrew!

January Meeting Recap

Great turnout at last Friday's meeting. Over 15 home brewed beers were poured. Thank you to Don and Carrie Miller from Euryale Ale for hosting us at their brewery. IEB members get 15% off at Euryale Ale, be sure to show your membership card when you visit their tasting room.

Next month's meeting is at the new Bootleggers tasting room in Redlands on Friday February 10th at 7pm.

Our first brewery social is going to be Saturday February 25th at Sour Cellar in Rancho Cucamonga starting at noon. More details to come about it.

We have confirmed Saturday, March 25th for our pub crawl. Be sure to mark your calendar. The club is paying for the bus and we only have 30 spots. We will be collecting a $30 deposit to hold a place for you. We've worked out a lunch, dinner and drink deal for $80 per person. Be ready to sign up at the next month's meeting.

January Meeting

Happy New Year Brewers!

2016 was a blast and I'm looking forward to all the fun our club is going to have in 2017. I expect a lot of great beers and good times with my fellow brewers. Our next meeting will be held Friday January 13th at 7pm and hosted by Don Miller and Euryale Brewing Company ( Euryale is located at 2060 Chicago Ave #A-17, Riverside, CA 92507.

Styles for the month of January include categories 11, 12 & 13 (English Brown, Porter, Stout). I hope you some of you did some brewing over the winter break, because this one of my favorite sets of styles and I'm looking forward to all your delicious offerings.

Keep your eyes on your inbox, some early information about the 2017 SoCal Homebrew Fest will be sent out soon.

As always for our next meeting please bring a chair, some water, a snack to share with the club, and most importantly? THE HOMEBREW!!!

Have fun and be safe ringing in the new year everyone.

Competition Awards Updates

All awards have been sent out. You should be seeing them shortly in your mail. Congrats to everyone who won.

Competition Awards Updates

Just to give everyone a quick update, ribbons have not been sent out for the competitoin yet. We are hoping to get them out shortly to everyone.

Thank you everyone for entering the competition and being patient.

Christmas Party

Ho ho ho fellow brewers!

December has arrived, and with it, our annual Christmas party! The party starts at 6pm on Saturday December 10th at the home of Jim and Marianne Delperdang. If you haven't experienced the hospitality of the Delperdangs before, then email the club to receive the address and come join in the fun. The club will provide a ham, but we're looking to you, our members, to bring out the additional treats! Side dish sign ups can be found on the Facebook page. For those of you without a Facebook, please email back with your desired dish to bring, so we can add you to the list! I hope to see you all there at your merriest!

Elections Results: The results are in and the club has chosen its caretakers for the next year.
President - Jim Delperdang
Vice President - Mandy Porter
Treasurer - Marianne Delperdang
Secretary - Matthew Rivera
Sergeant at Arms - Jeremy Witter
I know that we'll all do our best to make the club an awesome experience for all members and continue to find new ways to involve you all in the joy of brewing

29th Annual Southern California Homebrew Competition Results

The 29th Annual Southern California Homebrew Competition is completed!  Go to view the results. Congratulations to everyone who won and thank you to everyone who entered.

Score sheets will be coming soon. Check your emails. Thank you again for your continued support!

29th Annual Southern California Homebrew Competition

The 29th Annual Southern California Homebrew Competition is almost here!  Stay tuned, we are in the process of getting our registration website updated.  The competition will be accepting registration starting Monday October 10th.

Entries will be accepted at drop-off locations through Nov 5th.  Mailed entries must also be received by this date.  Each entry will cost $7 and we will be accepting any beer, cider or mead following the 2015 BJCP category guidelines (2 bottles per entry).

Drop off locations that have been established to date in the So Cal area are More Beer in Riverside (also the mail-in location), Culver City Homebrew, Eagle Rock Homebrew and Phantom Ales and Homebrew supplies (in Anaheim).  More locations may be added, stay tuned!

To register for the competition please visit Thanks!