We encourage homebrewers to bring the following categories for each month as listed. Of course, if you don't have homebrew for style of the month, bring whatever you have in the fridge!


20A American Porter, 20B American Stout, 20C Imperial Stout, 16A Sweet Stout, 16B Oatmeal Stout, 16C Tropical Stout, 16D Foreign Extra Stout


M1 Traditional Meads (M1A, M1B, M1C), M2 Fruit Mead (M2A-M2E), M3 Spiced Mead (M3A & M3B), M4 Speciality Mead (A-C), C1 Standard Cider and Perry (A-E), C2 Speciality Cider and Perry (A-F)


14A Scottish Light, 14B Scottish Heavy, 14C Scottish Export, 15A Irish Red Ale, 15B Irish Stout, 15C Irish Extra Stout


24a Witbier, 24B Belgian Pale Ale, 24C Biere de Garde, 25A Belgian Blond Ale, 25B Saison, 25C Belgian Golden Strong Ale, 26A Trappist Single, 26B Belgian Dubbel, 26C Belgian Tripel, 26D Belgian Dark Strong Ale


No styles this month since the club participates in the California Homebrewers Festival in Lake Casitas, CA.


1A American Light Lager, 1B American Lager, 1C Cream Ale, 1D American Wheat Beer, 5A German Leichtbier, 5B Kolsch, 5C German Helles Exportbier, 5D German Pils


21A American IPA, 21B Speciality IPA, 18A Blonde Ale, 18B American Pale Ale


23A Berliner Weisse, 23B Flanders Red Ale, 23C oud Bruin, 23D Lambic, 23E Gueuze, 23F Fruit Lambic, 28A Brett Beer, 28B Mixed-Fermenation Sour Beer, 28C Wild Speciality Beer, 29A Fuit Beer, 29B Fruit and Spice Beer, 29C Speciality Fruit Beer, 30A Spice, Herb, Vegetable Beer


4A Munich Helles, 4B Festbier, 4C Helles Bock, 8A Munich Dunkel, 8B Schwarzbier, 9A Doppelbock, 9B Eisbock, 9C Baltic Porter


22B American Strong Ale, 22C American Barelywine, 22D Wheatwine


30C Winter Seasonal Beer, 32A Classic Style Smoked Beer, 32B Speciality Smoked Beer, 33A Wood-aged beer, 33B Speciality Wood-Aged Beer


No styles this month because of the club Christmas party.